1. What time of day should I water?
    It is best to water early in the morning to allow the cycle to be completed before the temperature gets too high.
  2. Do you need to install a vacuum breaker if you install a sprinkler system at my house?
    Yes, federal and state law requires that a legal backflow preventer be installed on all sprinkler systems.
  3. Is it practical to install a spray and rotor on the same zone?
    No, rotors and sprays have different precipitation rates. If a spray head were on a rotor zone, the area near the spray head would be very wet. Similarly, if a rotor were on a spray zone, the area around the rotor would be very dry.
  4. What do I do if my spray nozzle is clogged?
    Remove the spray nozzle and clean out the filter and nozzle.
  5. What happens to my controller when the power goes off?
    This varies by brand and style of controller, but as long as your controller has memory backup (battery or microchip) it will come back on at the next scheduled start/run time.
  6. What should I do if a sprinkler head is broken?
    Turn time to 0 minutes on the zone that particular sprinkler head is on. Repair the head or phone or email us for a service call.
  7. What should I do if a sprinkler is on and the controller is off?
    Turn off the water supply and phone or email us for a service call.
  8. What if I turn on the station at the controller but there is no water?
    Try the following: 1. Check the valve to sprinkler and make sure it is open. 2. Check valves on vacuum breaker and make sure they're open. 3. Check power on controller. 4. Call us for further assistance.
  1. My filter gets clogged with ‘guck’. Can I clean it or does it need replaced?
    To clean your filter, shut off the water supply and open the drain on the bottom of the filter to release the water pressure. Unscrew the filter assembly. If the filter has any breaks or holes in it, you will need to replace it. “Guck” disappears quickly when filter is placed in bleach or a bleach/water mix for several minutes. Any remaining matter brushes off easily with a soft bristle brush or toothbrush. Once the filter is cleaned and rinsed and reinstalled we recommend that the whole assembly be covered with a black sock/bag/material to keep the sun off of it and slow the growth of the algae.
  2. I have well water. Can I still have an underground sprinkler system?
    We can install your sprinkler system using just about any supply. We have installed systems using as little as 3GPM (gallons per minute) and up to 200GPM.
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